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Services offered in the office

Your first visit, regardless if it is in the office, online via Telemedicine, or strictly for Bowen Therapy, will always have an intake component to go through your concerns in detail. 

Regular Naturopathic Visits are all conversational style. Your initial visit will be up to 90 minutes long including a very detailed look into your current health concerns and history.

Bowen Therapy visits will include a brief discussion of your current concern and a treatment, lasting up to 45 minutes.

Naturopathic Visits

Naturopathic visits include detailed discussions at each visit about the nature of your concerns, progress in each area of concern and a continual action plan addressing the acute needs, and the underlying cause of the concern. Each visit will move you further into your long term plan to reach your overall health goals. Each visit leaves you with a detailed plan of what you need to be doing at home to reach your goals.

Your initial visit will be followed by a return visit at 2-6 weeks, and an additional 4-8 weeks later. Each journey is individual, and may become further apart, or happen more regularly depending on your needs. Follow up visits last up to 30 minutes normally, or 45 minutes for extended visits needing lengthy discussion.


Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a light touch treatment that works by using points on the nervous system on your body, to send a message to the brain to help it return to a state of relaxation and healing. When we are constantly primed to be in a state of high stress and on the go, our bodies have difficulty healing. That is why it is so important to retrain the nervous system and healing process. Bowen also has effects on relaxing muscles, remodelling fascia, resetting nerve pain patterns, and even allowing bone to realign and adjust. This means it is great for not only chronic pain concerns, but also concerns related to stress, such as sleep issues, and many other things. 

The treatment is very light touch, which makes it also safe and effective for pregnant women, babies, children, fibromyalgia patients, and others. 

Many patients are now finding that using a combination approach of Bowen therapy and Naturopathic visits, they are able to start resolving their health concerns more quickly and permanently. This is because of the action on the nervous system, which allows a deeper state of healing. Combination appointments are available in the office only (not via Telemedicine).

Bowen visits are recommended to schedule once a week for 3 weeks to determine your response to therapy. After that treatments often spread out, especially once your concern is feeling 60-80% improved. Please wear loosing fitting or athletic type clothing to your visits.  

Visit costs

Below are the current visits costs. Please note these may change without notice and are generally adjusted with inflation every 1-2 years. Appointment costs can be adjusted at the time of your visit if a visit runs extensively longer than your booking (eg a return visit may be billed as a longer extended visit if we run well over 30 minutes). 

There are additional services such as lab tests, injections, nebulizer treatments and other options which will be discussed in office if they are deemed appropriate for your case. 

Initial Naturopathic visits up to 90 minutes $225

Bowen therapy Initial visit – up to 75 minutes $190

Follow up Naturopathic Visits – up to 30 minutes $90, up to 45 minutes $110.

Follow up Bowen Therapy – up to 45 minutes $100

Initial Combination visit Naturopathic and Bowen Therapy – up to 120 minutes (2hr) $300

Follow up combined Naturopathic return visit and Bowen Therapy visit – up to 75 minutes $160


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