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Your Health Journey

Health is a journey, personal to each of us. You didn’t get to where you are overnight, and it will take us more than a day or a magic pill to get you where you want, and deserve, to be. 

Your health, your dreams, desires, and goals, are all part of who you are and who you want to be. Reaching your physical health goal requires taking into account all of these things, and starting from where you are at right now, in order to get to where you want to go.

No matter where you are now, we will start with a detailed look at what you are experiencing, where your life and health have been, and where you want to go.

From there we put together a complete plan that will allow you to take each step towards feeling amazing and vibrant in your body and mind.

Your body has an amazing power

When given the right circumstances, your body has an amazing power to heal. Our job is to discover what you are missing, or what is standing in the way of that healing. It might be a dietary factor, or something related to lifestyle that needs to be adjusted. Other times it might be a mindset or mental barrier that we need to address. Often it is a combination of many factors, which is why your detailed first visit is so important.

What happens at the first visit?

When you have your first visit, whether it is in the office in person, or online via Telemedicine, your first visit is likely to be a full hour where we discuss deeply your current concerns, past history, and future goals. Taking all of these things into account, an immediate and a long term action plan will be created.

The immediate plan usually includes things you can start doing for your most pressing concerns right away, and any additional laboratory testing or other investigations that need to be done. Your long term plan is the step by step systemic approach to addressing all of the barriers and adjustments in order to reach your goals. Usually the long term plan is discussed more as a general overview during your visit, so that you have an idea where things are going, but not too much detail to be overwhelmed. 

What’s next?

After your first visit you will likely have a follow up visit between 2-6 weeks after, depending on the plan you started, and a second 4-8 weeks later. At this point your long term plan will begin to develop with greater detail. 

Many people are now finding that a combined approach with regular Naturopathic Medicine visits, and hands on treatment such as Bowen Therapy, are getting faster and more lasting results. This is generally because Bowen address not only physical pain, but nervous system calming and resetting, which allows us to heal at a deeper level. This combined approach is only available for patients local to Creston able to come into the office for visits. 

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